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There are many reasons why you may want or need to learn the Russian language. You are probably dating a Russian girl and would like to understand what she is saying about you to her girlfriends. Or, you may have already married her and now want to impress your in-laws with your language skills. You may also be considering going to Russia on a mission to find Edward Snowden, or just the vacation of a lifetime. Finally, you may be concerned that your Russian-born children respond to you only in English. Whatever your reasons may be, we will teach you (or your kids) this beautiful language in a quick, efficient, and interesting manner.

Our Lessons:

Lessons are conducted over Skype; so you will be learning Russian in the comfort of your own home, with the option of drinking one of two traditional Russian evening drinks – tea or vodka – your choice. The minimum curriculum is 10 lessons. The program will be designed specifically for you, taking into consideration your goals, wishes and your skill level. Each lesson will last approximately 45 to 50 minutes.  You can choose your own schedule and decide how many times a week you would like to study, and we will do everything to honor your preferences.

At the same time, we understand that learning a foreign language over Skype is not for everyone. That is why we strongly encourage you to take a free trial lesson and give us the chance to win you over. If after the first lesson you realize that our method is not your favorite way of learning Russian – no questions asked, we will be happy to remain friends.

Our prices:

The price for one lesson is $30. But the first lesson is always free.


If after taking the minimal course you decide to continue studying with us – you will also automatically receive a 10% discount on all subsequent lessons.

You can enroll here: [email protected] or over Skype (OpenAmerica) or call us at (224) 558-6329. We look forward to teaching you!

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