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Julia Galichanina


About Julia:

What is your favorite music? My music preferences range from classic rock and instrumental to latin jazz, indie, and pop-punk.

How many cups of tea do you drink a day?  Many.

What are your other interests besides teaching English? I love dancing. It is my passion. Salsa and some other Latin American dances is something that I do whenever I have free time. I also like traveling, exploring and learning about new places, as well as meeting new people and share stories with them.

Why do you think you are qualified to teach English? I am a certified linguist currently working on my MA degree in Teaching of English as a Second Language. I have taught English to individual students and to groups of different ages and backgrounds. But my specialty is teaching Russian students.

What is your secret as an English teacher? Having realized (somewhere deep inside) how English works, it’s become much easier for me to explain many things to students in a much more comprehensible manner. So, I try to transfer that feeling of a language to my students. In addition, I try to find an individual approach to each student and create lessons that are tailored to his or her needs, interests, and learning styles. I also like to create a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere during the class, and so far it’s been working great for everyone 🙂

If you weren’t an English instructor, who would you be? I’d be a business executive.

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